Graphites: types and applications

No other mineral raw material is as flexible for processing to fit any kind of application as graphite. That is why we offer an especially wide selection of graphites for various applications.

Mineral raw materials for metallurgy and the refractory industry

Although we are experts in carburisers, which are widely used in metallurgy and the refractory industry, we also offer other mineral raw materials used by metallurgical and refractory businesses such as: carbon blocks, broken graphite electrodes, coke and anthracite.

Brake linings

Choose from a wide variety of mineral raw materials used for production of brakes linings such as natural and synthetic graphite, calcined petcoke and barite.

Finely ground powders

Our most important products such as natural and synthetic graphite, calcined petcoke and iron are also available as finely ground powders.

Other mineral raw materials / overview

Apart from graphite, carbon and carburisers, which are our most important products we offer a wide selection of other mineral raw resources for various applications. See the detailed list of these products.